Top 5 Tech Innovations That are Bouind To Rock Our World in 2018

The tech sector is undergoing a phenomenal phase of development that has brought about awe-inspiring innovations such as virtual reality and blockchain technology. Despite the remarkable impact that these nascent technologies have already made so far in our daily lives, many of these innovative technologies are still in their embryonic stages, and are set to go full blown in 2018 and beyond.

5 Current Tech Innovations in 2018 That Are Making Life Better
To give you a glimpse of the technological disruptions that are billed to create far-reaching chain reactions in our technologically advanced societies in 2018, here are top 5 technological innovations that are bound to barrel on as a master trends in 2018:

1. AI Operational Frameworks

It has been established through a Gartner survey that over 59% of organizations are wading through their initial information-gathering phase of AI strategies implementation. This is a veritable pointer to the growing demand for AI in organizational operations. AI will increasingly become of critical import to the decision making processes of organizations in 2018.

2. Virtual Reality

You’re probably already aware of how immersive experiences are affecting our interaction with the digital world. This trend is set to creep into our daily lives with more strength of purpose in 2018. According to predictions made by Gartner, MR will become a prominent entertainment medium that allows users to immerse themselves in the vibrant and awe-inspiring digital world while they remain acutely alert of their real-life environment.

Virtual Reality, or VR was first introduced in the 1960s. But in recent years, its applicability to the entertainment industry has gained a critical mass that has compelled tech giants to foray into the VR world in a quest to explore its potentials for scintillating entertainment. Microsoft recently closed ranks with OEMs to release Windows 10 MR headsets that are set to take Microsoft’s MR games to the next level.

Apple and Google have also launched out into the VR world with their releases of AR apps for their smartphones. Facebook also vies to establish a dominant presence in the VR world, and has recently spent over US$2 in the acquisition of Oculus, the manufacturer of the Oculus Rift headset.

3. Machine Learning

Machine learning is concerned with ascertaining and predicting patterns in the world of computer science. The application of machine learning has manifested in ground-breaking technologies such as self-driving cars and speech controlled technologies. AI has been combined with machine learning to enhance the level of interaction between intelligent devices and their human-dominated environment.

The outcome of this synergy results in the greater independence and of smart devices and make them respond in a smarter way to human input.

4. Ethical Hack

As individual internet users are becoming increasingly wary of online hackers, so also are corporate bodies striving to prevent the malicious intentions of ne’er do well hackers from hitting or even possibly tanking their businesses. These organizations are hard-pressed to spare no expenses in putting defensive measure in place. Facebook’s slush fund for ethical hackers who’re in the business of pin-pointing the site’s vulnerabilities has more $5 million dedicated to its coffers.

The tools available for beefing up a site’s security against potential hackers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, and one of such is the Continous Adaptive Risk and Trust (CARTA) mechanism. This mechanism avails organizations of information critical to real-time risk management. A major input for risk management plans in the current digital world is the “DevSecOps” process that entails a tenacious integration of security measures into an organization’s DevOps.

5. Blockchain Technology

The introduction of Blockchain technology to the digital economy has been nothing short of a meteoric rise. This technology has increasingly garnered widespread recognition, and the trend is set to soar in top gears come 2018. As proved by the monumental increase in the value of Bitcoin over the last few months, the unparalleled security and transparency characteristic of blockchain technology is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Both industrial leviathans and small scale organizations around the world are exploring the manifold potentials of crypto-currencies.

The Parting Shot

In the wake of these monumental technological disruptions, our imaginations go full stretch even when we consider the impact these will bring into our homes. It is therefore propitious to our intelligible everyday decision making processes that we enlighten ourselves about the workings and realities of these technological disruptions.