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3 New Fashion Retail Brands You Can Support

New brands are always real refreshment in fashion world. Some brands are reserved only for catwalks, but others are more wearable, so people can find them adequate. We always want to see what the new movements in today’s fashion are. The best way for that is searching for new brands. There are some interesting brands for all of those who like changes. Most of us like something different, especially if it is better than the previous thing. Here are some new brands that bring additional excitement to the fashion.

Polly Boom

When you want something simple and unique at the same time, then Polly Boom has some options. This UK based brand is bringing simple colors like white and gray, but there are interesting details in addition. Graphics are oriented towards contemporary design, so the overall look is very modern. There are also tees with slogans that become a voice of young generations. The brand is oriented towards these young generations, but you can also see little bit older people wearing the brand. The young spirit is the only important thing here.


Sleeping in something comfortable is what most people like. But sometimes, that comfy style could be some old tee and baggy sweatpants. Not bad for chilly nights, but we want something more stylish. Nufferton is giving us those stylish pieces and our nights are completely different now. At least when our clothes is a matter of discussion. Bold and striking patterns are part of Nufferton’s design and that is why all those cozy pajamas are so beautiful. This is visible when you look at them. What happens when you feel the material on the skin? A Portuguese cotton comes to light. Smooth, comfortable and light like some silky touch. Sleeping is getting a new dimension and this brand from Stockholm proves it.


If you are a lover of nature and outdoor sports, this brand is perfect for you. Adsum has created a new philosophy in design because they combine many different things. Creations are inspired by fishing and all activities by the river. For that reason, the materials are very specific when it comes to endurance. You can simply wear those trousers for years and they will remain the same. This is what we wish for this brand. Many years of existence on the market because their style is unique in many aspects. You may wonder where the brand is located. It is New York. Surprised? You should not be. So many people like the streetwear of New York and relaxing moments in nature at the same time. Adsum managed to combine them all. Modern adventurers are getting the new favorite brand.

These cool retail brands are offering new concepts that are worth of attention. Their uniqueness is visible in each piece and that is what people like. Most fashion lovers want to experience creativity and they get it with these brands. You can spend the day by the river in total style, then change the clothes for some tee with graphics and finish the day in colorful pajama. It is up to you and these brands provide what you need for that adventure.