Kanye West’s Influence on Fashion

On his debut album, “The College Dropout,” Kanye West released a track, Spaceship, in which he echoed that “You all could not match his hustle. Before the progress of his career to crashing awards
shows and the Kardashians, Kanye West was a behind the scene produce known for his soul-sampling beats. It was difficult for Kanye West to be recognized as a real rapper during the time. He lacked legitimate standards to match the competition of the time. Things have changed drastically since 2002.

Today, Kanye west is among the popular artists in the world onto the second decade. Moreover, the fight to become legitimate has stretched to the realm of fashion where his influence remains concrete despite the Yeezy season 4 fiasco. That said, here is a brief description of why I think West’s appeal in the fashionable industry is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Kanye West has established a design aesthetic

Since the release of Yeezy season 1, all the Wests designs have come in a clear-cut aesthetic designs that are easily identifiable and associated with his style of fashion such as baggy, distressed, oversized and muted color patterns. If you run an Instagram search for Yeezy, you are bound
to see tons of men trying to imitate Kanye West but the lack the signature silhouette of the Yeezy line. Yeezy’s style is new in the fashion industry but to a casual person the cloth line is branded Yeezy due Kanye West’s popularity and mainstream magnitude. Another effect by Yeezy is seen in fast fashion. Retailers such as HM, Zara and Adidas hope to appropriate from high fashion and as such form partnerships with Kanye West to increase collections on products that are clearly reminiscent of his line.

Kanye West has created experience out fashion

West has created a fashionable experience to all fashion lovers. Getting involved in the experiences of fashion is more exciting that paying cash or swiping credit cards to attain the apparel. As much as the primary objective is to acquire West’s merchandise, the experience involved is priceless. The excitement of the users grow as anticipation and expectation levels reach the limit. Many individuals wait eagerly for his merchandise and whenever his show is on air, many are keen to follow as the cross their fingers hoping they win a pair of Yeezy’s boots. In truism, Kanye West has created a spectacle out of participation. When a potential customer misses out some of West’s products due to high prices or lack of supply, the experience becomes the unattainable commodity.

From the above discussion it is clear that Kanye West is indeed relevant to dates and for the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that some of his chants and utterances are ignored and ill-received, he still believes that he is credible and is an influential figure in the fashion industry and is ready to change things. Indeed, he has already changed the fashion industry as it is today and despite all the critics, Kanye is still visionary to change people dressing styles. Kanye West is impressive even beyond the mic with his evolving domination of fashion industry and he hopes to live the legacy to his kids who are constantly taking notes telling by their looks.