Has CGI and 3D helped movies or is it overly done?

For the movie lovers and cinema goers, the film industry has been striving hard to keep us glued to our screen since the invention of the TV and Cinema. Every weekend or during that wonderful date with your loved one, thousands of people love to hang out in cinemas to watch that latest movie.

Yeah, we love how those huge screens entertain our brains and make us feel good but let me take you behind the scenes a little bit. Ever wondered how those films are produced?

Let me explain something interesting to you, with the advent and development of computers, it has certainly revolutionized the industry. I love movies; the thrill effect I get after watching those highly graphical action movies, adventure or animated movies reverberates in my blood for days! But how do they do it? It dates back to the invention CGI and 3D. Hollywood film industry went a notch higher. CGI which stands for Computer generated imagery is the use of computers to produce special effect motion images in films like in the movies Jurassic park or top grossing Avatar movie!

It all began in the 1950S, with the use of the blue/ red 3D glasses which was the talk of the town but it was not long since the thing was discarded, fortunately not for so long

In the 1970s, animation films were created and it was a buzz. People loved it. Companies such as Pixar were founded and they heavily used this technology producing their top grossing film Toy story and from that moment, the wheel of computer created films could not stop turning. Companies such as Disney Pixar invest billions of dollars in CGI and 3D technology.

In 1993, Jurassic park, a fully-fledged CGI film thrilled the world. Never before had we seen a real dinosaur being recreated in such and amazing spectacle and from then onwards Technological advancements deep into the years led to the creation of CG characters like Gollum in the film, Lord of the Rings produced and directed by Peter Jackson, Gollum

Companies such as Disney Pixar invest billions of dollars in CGI and 3D technology

As Hollywood continues to push further with the use of CGI and 3D, are they using technology to the detriment of normally scripted storylines and characters without use of non-realistic motion pictures?

However, not all those CGI and 3D movies are magical. A quick flashback to that Titanic movie is a true picture how some movies can have wonderful storylines. We loved it for its amazing recreation of history.

Though we cannot demonize the use of CGI and 3D, it was a revolutionary technology but are some film producers abusing the use of the CGI and creating much boring and unrealistic films? Maybe, as you know too much of something spoils the broth, but is it really being abused and what is the future of the film industry? Is CGI and 3D there forever? And would you rather watch a well scripted movie with wonderfully storyline or a CGI fictitious computer generated movie with unrealistic events?