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Top Benefits Of Kids Playing Sports At A Young Age

Many children grow up playing sports at a young age and reap the benefits in their adult lives for years to come – there are many famous child athletes who benefited this way. There are many advantages of kids playing sports at a young age that range from physical and mental development to the social skills they learn on their teams. While sports are generally just a fun activity that most kids participate in, the long term benefits are often overlooked. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons for children to play sports at a young age.

Increases Socialization

One of the biggest benefits of kids playing sports at a young age is that it increases their socialization skills. When children are put on a team with other kids of their same age group, they learn how to work as a team and encourage each other to excel. They also learn to cooperate with their teammates and count on the others to perform well to better the group. While participating in sports as kids, they also meet other children from different areas and develop friendships. This is invaluable for children to learn early on, as it will set them up for success later on in life.

Physical Activity

Another huge advantage of kids playing sports at a young age is that they get a lot of physical activity, which helps them develop physically and mentally. Running around and playing games can have many positive effects on their bodies, such as strengthening their muscles and allowing them to burn calories. Kids who play sports even at a young age are more likely to engage in a variety of sports throughout their lives, which can help them stay fit as they grow up. This is a great way for children to get out their energy after a long day of sitting still in a classroom.

Teaches Responsibility

One of the benefits of playing sports at a young age is that it teaches kids how to be responsible. While they may not have to deal with the pressure of schoolwork, they have to learn to make smart decisions and be able to perform under pressure through the sports they play. When children are put in a team environment where everyone works together, they learn how to make decisions, handle criticism, and work as a cohesive unit. They also learn how to motivate each other and help each other push through difficult times when things don’t go their way. This responsibly it a crucial tool to teach early in life to ensure that they become responsible adults.

Final Thoughts

Playing sports at a young age helps kids develop different skills from physical to social, which can help them throughout their lives. By playing sports as often as they can, kids will be able to keep up with their physical development and will be in great shape when they are much older. Outside of sports being a fun and lighthearted activity for young kids, there are also countless benefits than can have long-lasting impacts. Whether your kids are playing at a basketball academy, baseball team, football camp, soccer, or any type of sport, this is a positive avenue for kids!

New fashion and beauty trends in 2020

The 21st century brought us many opportunities and choices in every sphere of our lives. Fashion and beauty trends have made a significant step out. Every person enjoys being trendy and fashionable. Even though everyone is beautiful in their way, each of them will always try to make their look as perfect as possible.

Fashion and beauty faced tremendous evolution in the modern period. Seeing those beautiful ladies in the magazine covers makes you want to look like them.

Fashion trends can be applied in clothing, make-up, lifestyle, shoes, different accessories, fabrics, furniture. Fashion industries grow together with society, culture, and with the time of being.

The beauty industry and different offers you can find out there today are something all women invest in a lot. Various massages, facials, body, and skin treatments, hairstyles are often in a daily to-do list. Beauty industries are earning enormous amounts of money every day through the different cosmetic services they are offering. Positive outcomes lie in the fact that through the internet, you can find various treatments that will not take every penny.

Here are some of the most popular trends in fashion for 2020:

It is for sure that Vogue is leading in setting the trends. Anna Wintour, Vogue editor, revealed the details that are going to mark this spring. To welcome the spring in top trend style, make sure you have a piece of jewelry or bag made of natural materials such as bamboo, jute, or linen. Leading names such as Prada and Marc J. presented the most popular prints of the year. Lovers of traditional prints will enjoy the trend of wearing the dot print. Make sure you have a piece of dotty stuff in your closet and feel free to combine it with the neon colors. This combo is an absolute hit, and celebrities have already welcomed it. Hot pants? Yes! For those free to show off, this summer will be a jackpot. Runways and the models are presenting short pants, which can easily be combined with sleeves tops.

Considering the beauty trends, these are the top three for 2020:

Eyes have always been the most crucial part of the facial expression. Make sure you have some eyeliners and rhinestones. If you’re into eyeshadows, then please bring those out and make up your eyes! Pastel colors have already marked runways. Don’t be afraid to put it on! A detail that may sound childish but seems to be very in this year is guess what? Clips! Pearls, flowers, diamonds, or any so-called teen look in your hair is going to be super trendy in 2020. If you don’t have any, make sure you get some!

Fashion and beauty are very delicate terms when discussing it – but you don’t talk about taste, right?! But, does the fashion and beauty industries make women allure?

In a general sense, affording yourself a piece of fashion, or some cosmetic treatment is tempting. Various offerings are available, and the choice is only up to you.

What Are 4 Upstart Fashion Brands That Are Making Waves?

One of the most unique upstart fashion brands that are making waves in the industry, is perhaps, Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a Japanese based company which was founded in Japan and has since gone global. Uniqlo is known for its casual wear and offers to manufacture in clothing for women, men, kids, and babies. Uniqlo focuses on modern styles for all casual clothing wear and is dedicated to making durable clothing which has longevity and focuses on a simplistic style. Uniqlo started as a single store and has since opened stores worldwide and offers a selection to all customers who seek casual wear.

Lush is another company which is making waves in the industry. The unique aspect of Lush, is that it is a wholesale clothing store designed specifically to cater to women’s fashion trends. Lush is located in Los Angeles fashion district and has been in business for over ten years. Lush caters to women who seek designer fashion apparel and Lush employs only the best designers to find the right fit and style for the customer’s fashion needs. Another unique aspect of the company Lush, is that it actively participates in designer and fashion shows around the country, to promote the Lush Girl brand.

Personalized Brands

Rebel Wilson X Angels is another fashion brand that is up and coming in the industry. The company was founded by Australian actress, Rebel Wilson, who revolutionizes the fashion industry for plus-sized women. Rebel X is designed specifically for women who are over the standard fashion size of 12, and the line makes fashionable, eccentric clothing for women of all body types. The company mission is to include all women in the fashion industry, not just the model-size body types. The brand is designed to be brazen and promote confidence, much like the actress Rebel Wilson herself.

A fourth brand that is making a name in the industry is Lularoe. Lularoe is a legging company that was founded in 2012 in California. It was created by a husband and wife team, Deane Brady and Mark Stidham. The company is most well known for its unique patterns and colors of leggings, but it has since moved on to produce clothing lines for kids, teens and even men. The leggings have also become the staple of the company, but the company has expanded to producing dresses, t-shirts, skirts, baby clothes, and pants for boys and men.

One of the perks of Lularoe works with social media gurus and employs fashion consultants who are able to sell the products locally at personal pre-booked shows and events. Lularoe is also unique because it has created a frenzy in the fashion industry for collectors of Lularoe pieces to find unique patterns.

One of the perks of owning Lularoe is that the patterns are rarely duplicated, and if they are, the style isn’t offered for long before the pattern is retired, and new prints appear on the market. The Lularoe leggings and fashion pieces are designed with casual wear in mind, and cater to customers who are seeking comfort and relaxation while still being unique and fashionable.

2018 Trends in Trends in Men’s Grooming

Mens Hair

Trends in Men’s Grooming, Ah, mens hairstyles, in recent years styles and being kept and groomed has become extremely important to portraying a good image and self-presentation in our society of ever increasing selling-yourself business skills.

Facial hair fashion is a much easier trend to spot; it comes in and out of fashion year to year and can be a striking contrast.

One of the most frequent ways mens grooming changes is by recycling and reinterpreting fashions of the past.

In fact, many of the most popular hairstyles today are just slightly different versions of yester-year’s most popular hair-dos. Our clearest indication of the hottest trends in men’s hair, as with most of fashion and pop-culture, is with celebrities. Comb It Back One of the most memorable features of the 1940s was men’s hair. It was trim. It was style. It was perfect.

Combing it back was the name of the game, and today is no different. Many of the most popular celebrities from movies to music go for a very similar haircut, with only slight variations.

Adam Levine is a great example of the 40s cut done with today’s quirks. It’s essentially a Ducktail Pompadour – a style that became very popular towards the end of the 40s and into the 50s, as long hair came into fashion. Levine’s modern interpretation is to shave down the sides, leaving most of the length on top.

This is a very popular style for men at the moment, as guys from all over say to their local barber “Give me Adam Levine’s hair”. George Clooney rocks a similar do. The only real difference is Clooney doesn’t shave the sides.

Slick It Back An even bolder option these days is to slick your hair back. It’s similar to the comb back, but with enough product to keep your hair down and firmly in place. This option gives a man’s head a much sleeker silhouette and will often make him stand out from a crowd. This has been Leonardo DiCaprio’s go-to style for a few years. This is more of a call back all the way to the 20s and 30s.

He keeps a clear left part and slicks it over and back, almost flat.

Stubble and Beards Variations on comb-backs and slick-backs are the main style of choice for most men today. This is true of both celebrities and the average guy. Overall, there’s less variation than there was in the 90s or even early 2000s, when gel came into fashion. We all suffered together for a few years while figuring out spikes and mohawks weren’t as cool as they seemed.

Facial hair has also seen a limit in choice. Over the past couple of years, facial hair had scaled down to two basic options. Those options are full stubble and full beard. Moustaches have fallen out of vogue, not counting the ironic handlebar moustaches of the hipster crowd. For the most part, what we see is full coverage facial hair. Along with their precisely trimmed, combed back hair, many celebrities can be seen donning a full beard.

George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Shia LeBeouf, and Christian Bale all regularly grow full beards. Many others, such as Chris Hemsworth, Nick Jonas, and Ryan Gosling purposefully keep their full stubble shaved closely to their face.

Kanye West’s Influence on Fashion

On his debut album, “The College Dropout,” Kanye West released a track, Spaceship, in which he echoed that “You all could not match his hustle. Before the progress of his career to crashing awards
shows and the Kardashians, Kanye West was a behind the scene produce known for his soul-sampling beats. It was difficult for Kanye West to be recognized as a real rapper during the time. He lacked legitimate standards to match the competition of the time. Things have changed drastically since 2002.

Today, Kanye west is among the popular artists in the world onto the second decade. Moreover, the fight to become legitimate has stretched to the realm of fashion where his influence remains concrete despite the Yeezy season 4 fiasco. That said, here is a brief description of why I think West’s appeal in the fashionable industry is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Kanye West has established a design aesthetic

Since the release of Yeezy season 1, all the Wests designs have come in a clear-cut aesthetic designs that are easily identifiable and associated with his style of fashion such as baggy, distressed, oversized and muted color patterns. If you run an Instagram search for Yeezy, you are bound
to see tons of men trying to imitate Kanye West but the lack the signature silhouette of the Yeezy line. Yeezy’s style is new in the fashion industry but to a casual person the cloth line is branded Yeezy due Kanye West’s popularity and mainstream magnitude. Another effect by Yeezy is seen in fast fashion. Retailers such as HM, Zara and Adidas hope to appropriate from high fashion and as such form partnerships with Kanye West to increase collections on products that are clearly reminiscent of his line.

Kanye West has created experience out fashion

West has created a fashionable experience to all fashion lovers. Getting involved in the experiences of fashion is more exciting that paying cash or swiping credit cards to attain the apparel. As much as the primary objective is to acquire West’s merchandise, the experience involved is priceless. The excitement of the users grow as anticipation and expectation levels reach the limit. Many individuals wait eagerly for his merchandise and whenever his show is on air, many are keen to follow as the cross their fingers hoping they win a pair of Yeezy’s boots. In truism, Kanye West has created a spectacle out of participation. When a potential customer misses out some of West’s products due to high prices or lack of supply, the experience becomes the unattainable commodity.

From the above discussion it is clear that Kanye West is indeed relevant to dates and for the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that some of his chants and utterances are ignored and ill-received, he still believes that he is credible and is an influential figure in the fashion industry and is ready to change things. Indeed, he has already changed the fashion industry as it is today and despite all the critics, Kanye is still visionary to change people dressing styles. Kanye West is impressive even beyond the mic with his evolving domination of fashion industry and he hopes to live the legacy to his kids who are constantly taking notes telling by their looks.

Top 5 Tech Innovations That are Bouind To Rock Our World in 2018

The tech sector is undergoing a phenomenal phase of development that has brought about awe-inspiring innovations such as virtual reality and blockchain technology. Despite the remarkable impact that these nascent technologies have already made so far in our daily lives, many of these innovative technologies are still in their embryonic stages, and are set to go full blown in 2018 and beyond.

5 Current Tech Innovations in 2018 That Are Making Life Better
To give you a glimpse of the technological disruptions that are billed to create far-reaching chain reactions in our technologically advanced societies in 2018, here are top 5 technological innovations that are bound to barrel on as a master trends in 2018:

1. AI Operational Frameworks

It has been established through a Gartner survey that over 59% of organizations are wading through their initial information-gathering phase of AI strategies implementation. This is a veritable pointer to the growing demand for AI in organizational operations. AI will increasingly become of critical import to the decision making processes of organizations in 2018.

2. Virtual Reality

You’re probably already aware of how immersive experiences are affecting our interaction with the digital world. This trend is set to creep into our daily lives with more strength of purpose in 2018. According to predictions made by Gartner, MR will become a prominent entertainment medium that allows users to immerse themselves in the vibrant and awe-inspiring digital world while they remain acutely alert of their real-life environment.

Virtual Reality, or VR was first introduced in the 1960s. But in recent years, its applicability to the entertainment industry has gained a critical mass that has compelled tech giants to foray into the VR world in a quest to explore its potentials for scintillating entertainment. Microsoft recently closed ranks with OEMs to release Windows 10 MR headsets that are set to take Microsoft’s MR games to the next level.

Apple and Google have also launched out into the VR world with their releases of AR apps for their smartphones. Facebook also vies to establish a dominant presence in the VR world, and has recently spent over US$2 in the acquisition of Oculus, the manufacturer of the Oculus Rift headset.

3. Machine Learning

Machine learning is concerned with ascertaining and predicting patterns in the world of computer science. The application of machine learning has manifested in ground-breaking technologies such as self-driving cars and speech controlled technologies. AI has been combined with machine learning to enhance the level of interaction between intelligent devices and their human-dominated environment.

The outcome of this synergy results in the greater independence and of smart devices and make them respond in a smarter way to human input.

4. Ethical Hack

As individual internet users are becoming increasingly wary of online hackers, so also are corporate bodies striving to prevent the malicious intentions of ne’er do well hackers from hitting or even possibly tanking their businesses. These organizations are hard-pressed to spare no expenses in putting defensive measure in place. Facebook’s slush fund for ethical hackers who’re in the business of pin-pointing the site’s vulnerabilities has more $5 million dedicated to its coffers.

The tools available for beefing up a site’s security against potential hackers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, and one of such is the Continous Adaptive Risk and Trust (CARTA) mechanism. This mechanism avails organizations of information critical to real-time risk management. A major input for risk management plans in the current digital world is the “DevSecOps” process that entails a tenacious integration of security measures into an organization’s DevOps.

5. Blockchain Technology

The introduction of Blockchain technology to the digital economy has been nothing short of a meteoric rise. This technology has increasingly garnered widespread recognition, and the trend is set to soar in top gears come 2018. As proved by the monumental increase in the value of Bitcoin over the last few months, the unparalleled security and transparency characteristic of blockchain technology is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Both industrial leviathans and small scale organizations around the world are exploring the manifold potentials of crypto-currencies.

The Parting Shot

In the wake of these monumental technological disruptions, our imaginations go full stretch even when we consider the impact these will bring into our homes. It is therefore propitious to our intelligible everyday decision making processes that we enlighten ourselves about the workings and realities of these technological disruptions.

Strategies and Choices That Could Turn your Business Upside Down

8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail in the first two years of starting a business. A lot of reasons have been put Foward to support this fact, however poor management and lack of proper business strategy are among the biggest causes of business failure. Many of these entrepreneur’s repeat the same mistakes expecting a different result.

The two entrepreneurs out of the ten did things differently than the eight entrepreneurs whose businesses have failed. Depending of the type of the business, an entrepreneur is required to make strategic decision ‘s that will not only make a business stay afloat but also adapt to the changing business environment.

Below we will discuss some of the decisions or choices successful entrepreneurs make that completely changed the fortunes of a business.

1. concentrating on the consumers rather than the profits

Most entrepreneurs start businesses for profit making, they may be successful in this but it may not last long. Because an entrepreneur is completely concentrating on the profits, they may tend to overlook the impact good customer relations has on the growth of a business.

Successful entrepreneurs tend to concentrate more on the consumers because they want to retain them as they encourage others to start using their products. This is done by always getting customer feed back and implementing the feed back and suggestions.

2. Specialization of a business.

Specialization offers an entrepreneur a chance to solve the problems relating to a particular niche. Entrepreneur’s that choose to specialize get the opportunity to become a monopoly, this guarantees dominance and recognition in the niche.

The impact of specialization on an organization is very big and can be felt in the organization for a long time. Businesses that do not specialize tend to struggle more in creating an identity that their consumers can relate to. This also makes a business very vulnerable to competition.

3. Embracing of technology in marketing.

In order for a business to increase their sales and profits they are required to market their products and services. Marketing is very important because it make’s a business become visible and also creates competition between businesses, which is very important for the success of a business.

Modern technology has made marketing really easy and cheap through the use social media, websites and also blogging. The use of modern technology in marketing has been proven to increase more sales because they reach a wider range of people through out the world plus, it is cheaper than placing adverts in newspapers or on TV.

4. Proper management of the business financial matters.

Most businesses fail because they poorly manage their inflow and out flow of cash. Businesses spend more than they are earning, this forces them to get into loans that force them into bankruptcy.
Good entrepreneur’s remedy this situation by profit ploughing back and reduction of expenditure, this makes sure a business is always well funded through the profits they get without loans. They also cut or reduce their expenditure, this will ensure a business is always profitable and less money is wasted.

5. Mechanisation of the production system.

Mechanisation of the production system ensures that there is high quality products being made. When a lot of human labour is used in the production the chance of poor quality products being made is high.
Use of machine also reduces the recurrent expenditure of salaries, although the initial capital of acquiring the machines may be high the benefits a business enjoys after acquiring of the machines are huge.

Has CGI and 3D helped movies or is it overly done?

For the movie lovers and cinema goers, the film industry has been striving hard to keep us glued to our screen since the invention of the TV and Cinema. Every weekend or during that wonderful date with your loved one, thousands of people love to hang out in cinemas to watch that latest movie.

Yeah, we love how those huge screens entertain our brains and make us feel good but let me take you behind the scenes a little bit. Ever wondered how those films are produced?

Let me explain something interesting to you, with the advent and development of computers, it has certainly revolutionized the industry. I love movies; the thrill effect I get after watching those highly graphical action movies, adventure or animated movies reverberates in my blood for days! But how do they do it? It dates back to the invention CGI and 3D. Hollywood film industry went a notch higher. CGI which stands for Computer generated imagery is the use of computers to produce special effect motion images in films like in the movies Jurassic park or top grossing Avatar movie!

It all began in the 1950S, with the use of the blue/ red 3D glasses which was the talk of the town but it was not long since the thing was discarded, fortunately not for so long

In the 1970s, animation films were created and it was a buzz. People loved it. Companies such as Pixar were founded and they heavily used this technology producing their top grossing film Toy story and from that moment, the wheel of computer created films could not stop turning. Companies such as Disney Pixar invest billions of dollars in CGI and 3D technology.

In 1993, Jurassic park, a fully-fledged CGI film thrilled the world. Never before had we seen a real dinosaur being recreated in such and amazing spectacle and from then onwards Technological advancements deep into the years led to the creation of CG characters like Gollum in the film, Lord of the Rings produced and directed by Peter Jackson, Gollum

Companies such as Disney Pixar invest billions of dollars in CGI and 3D technology

As Hollywood continues to push further with the use of CGI and 3D, are they using technology to the detriment of normally scripted storylines and characters without use of non-realistic motion pictures?

However, not all those CGI and 3D movies are magical. A quick flashback to that Titanic movie is a true picture how some movies can have wonderful storylines. We loved it for its amazing recreation of history.

Though we cannot demonize the use of CGI and 3D, it was a revolutionary technology but are some film producers abusing the use of the CGI and creating much boring and unrealistic films? Maybe, as you know too much of something spoils the broth, but is it really being abused and what is the future of the film industry? Is CGI and 3D there forever? And would you rather watch a well scripted movie with wonderfully storyline or a CGI fictitious computer generated movie with unrealistic events?

The Influence of Corporations on Government

Traditionally, it was the role of the government to manage and regulate corporations as well as protect their rights just like any other citizen with no preference. However, due to globalization and the inability of the government to drive action, this role has changed over time. The society has more expectations on the corporations than in the government.

In fact, in case of disasters it is not uncommon for the large corporations to respond faster than the government agencies. Corporations are also involved in eradication of poverty and diseases, education reforms and provision of essential needs such as clean water. With this increased appeal to the public and other tactics, corporations have held governments world over hostage. Most of the economic and political decisions arrived at by governments are usually indirectly made by the corporations.

These corporations have vast wealth and control large resources. This is the secret weapon they use to acquire political say and influence legislation to favor them. The most popular ways they use to achieve that is through campaign funding and lobbying. They generously donate money for political campaigns in return for political favors once the supported party or individual gets into office. Some of these corporations also own the media and hence issue advertisements supporting the candidate’s policies to gain wide public appeal. Once in office and committees to help in the execution of the government policies are being set up, representatives of these companies are made members and hence influence decisions made to their favor. Due to the strong financial muscle, the corporations can also give money to members of the committees to influence their decisions.

Statistics show that most large corporations have more than a hundred lobbyists each and spend a whole $2.6 billion every year on lobbying . These lobbyists meet government officials, make known to them the economic benefits of their industry to the society and then convince the government to make decisions that favor them such as changing laws, preventing passing of bills and lowering of taxes. It often works. This has created a great force that has completely changed the government -business relationship. The government no longer plays oversight roles but has become a partner. By silencing opposition and making the people believe in the economic benefits hence obscuring the possible harmful effects of the industry through the media and web, lobbyists have taken over the government. And silently behind closed doors they control most decisions affecting the society.

We are left to ask the question, has the government become too influenced by corporations? Well, with the increased political funding and lobbying, the governments have been reduced to institutions that are unable to tackle large scale issues and value lobbying more than innovation. This has led to development of corporatocracy. This is a system where corporations control economic and political systems. The elite few at the helm of these corporations make the policies affecting the economics and politics of a country. This can easily explain the reason for the huge pays given to CEOs, the increasing bank bailouts as well as over exploitation of natural resources and the people.

6 Emerging Trends In The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is dynamic, and massive changes can take place in a very short time duration. This makes it necessary to keep yourself updated on the new trends in the market. Technology is taking over the world and beauty industry is not an exception, it has revolutionized the industry. The emerging trends include;

1. Natural and organic beauty products. Research has shown that approximately 57% of women are avoiding chemicals on their bodies. This will give a paradigm shift in favor of natural products.The homemade natural products will have a larger market niche than any other chemically made products. The retail outlets will start to have the raw natural ingredients in their stores so that clients can pick the ingredients, fragrance and texture that they are comfortable with. This is due to the increasing need for people to directly control and personalize the beauty products.

2. Increased application of technology. The consumers of beauty-related services are increasingly relying on the internet for information. Technological advancement has also taken over the industry. In future, there are likely to be Apps that will give us beauty alerts and suggest improvements. Imagine an app that alerts you when you need to re-do your lipstick, eyebrows or even to apply sunscreen. An App that detects when your skin is dry and need re-hydration.Sound good, right? We may even have the manufacturers work with scientists to develop technology that allows an App to detect a problem and suggest a list of product that you can use to rectify the problem.

3.Enhanced research on the use of energy giving products in the beauty industry. There is a lot of research being done currently on how the energy drinks boost cell activities and regeneration. Energy drinks are believed to have the “always young” feeling. The frequent refurbishment of worn out cells also will be instrumental in having fresh and smooth skin. In the future, brands with formulations that enhance the longevity of the hair by improving the cellular activity will be manufactured.

4 Improved sales in beauty products. There is a general increase of beauty awareness across the globe. People want to improve their looks across all ages and gender. In 2016, sales increased by $ 1 billion dollars over the sales of 2015.

5. Water shortage. Approximately 47% of people are living under water-stressed environment. This may lead to the production of beauty products that require less water to produce. Some companies such as the Korean Whamisa are already producing products from botanical herbs extracts with no purified water use.

6. The increase in male grooming techniques. In 2016, 6% more male than women searched on the internet for beauty products.Ranging from hair gels, hair removal, luxury barbershops and massage parlor, there is a sharp increase in the interest men have in beauty. The beauty products aimed at men has increased by more than 200%.

The beauty industry is growing at a rather high speed. If you are a key player in the industry, you will require keeping yourself updated on the new trends in the industry. Looking at the trends discussed, there is no doubt that the future of the industry is bright.