6 Emerging Trends In The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is dynamic, and massive changes can take place in a very short time duration. This makes it necessary to keep yourself updated on the new trends in the market. Technology is taking over the world and beauty industry is not an exception, it has revolutionized the industry. The emerging trends include;

1. Natural and organic beauty products. Research has shown that approximately 57% of women are avoiding chemicals on their bodies. This will give a paradigm shift in favor of natural products.The homemade natural products will have a larger market niche than any other chemically made products. The retail outlets will start to have the raw natural ingredients in their stores so that clients can pick the ingredients, fragrance and texture that they are comfortable with. This is due to the increasing need for people to directly control and personalize the beauty products.

2. Increased application of technology. The consumers of beauty-related services are increasingly relying on the internet for information. Technological advancement has also taken over the industry. In future, there are likely to be Apps that will give us beauty alerts and suggest improvements. Imagine an app that alerts you when you need to re-do your lipstick, eyebrows or even to apply sunscreen. An App that detects when your skin is dry and need re-hydration.Sound good, right? We may even have the manufacturers work with scientists to develop technology that allows an App to detect a problem and suggest a list of product that you can use to rectify the problem.

3.Enhanced research on the use of energy giving products in the beauty industry. There is a lot of research being done currently on how the energy drinks boost cell activities and regeneration. Energy drinks are believed to have the “always young” feeling. The frequent refurbishment of worn out cells also will be instrumental in having fresh and smooth skin. In the future, brands with formulations that enhance the longevity of the hair by improving the cellular activity will be manufactured.

4 Improved sales in beauty products. There is a general increase of beauty awareness across the globe. People want to improve their looks across all ages and gender. In 2016, sales increased by $ 1 billion dollars over the sales of 2015.

5. Water shortage. Approximately 47% of people are living under water-stressed environment. This may lead to the production of beauty products that require less water to produce. Some companies such as the Korean Whamisa are already producing products from botanical herbs extracts with no purified water use.

6. The increase in male grooming techniques. In 2016, 6% more male than women searched on the internet for beauty products.Ranging from hair gels, hair removal, luxury barbershops and massage parlor, there is a sharp increase in the interest men have in beauty. The beauty products aimed at men has increased by more than 200%.

The beauty industry is growing at a rather high speed. If you are a key player in the industry, you will require keeping yourself updated on the new trends in the industry. Looking at the trends discussed, there is no doubt that the future of the industry is bright.