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10 Top 2016 Promotional Products For Your Clients

Amongst the major channels that will increase your company’s clientele base and impact directly on revenue is promotional products. Especially business to client direct promotional products. Trade expos and shows together with conventions are the best outlets to meet potential customers where you can increase your prospects book and give out the perfect promotional products.

Because trade shows and fairs are forever cutthroat with all your competitors designing new ways to improve the traffic flow to their booths, you must think outside the box if the desire is to gain the most from these key events. None demand promotional products that resonate deeply with anyone who visits your booth is just the trick you need to employ. These Corporate Gifts must be trendy, creative, memorable, and unique which will guarantee that anyone who gets any of these items will remember you after the hype and fast pace of these events. To increase your market penetration, it is possible to brand these promotional items with your company’s logo or name.These 10 are the trending promotional items currently.

1. Tote Sling-Bags

Trade shows and fairs attendees will use your custom made tote bags to carry your items and any other item they receive as they walk around the hall and explore other booths and stands to provide your company maximum exposure. These bags can be designed in different vibrant rainbow colors with sharp and clear branding. Another benefit with these bags is that most folks will use them when they go grocery shopping or any other outdoor activity that provides you with free of charge repeat exposure every time the customer leaves the house with the bag.

2. USB Universal Travel Charger

This is a practical and perfect promotional item. Everyone at some point or other has had the to urgently charge their smartphone or tablet. A universal USB travel charger will go all the way in meeting a constant need for your customer while providing you with a unique marketing channel.

3. Branded Sports Towels

This is a perfect promotional item for your company especially when it’s involved in sponsoring sports activities like golf. It is also a perfect direct market penetration item if your business is involved in sponsoring a crowded charity event or when engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility.

4. Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

Imprinting your brand name and logo on a sports water bottle or a travel mug makes it a unique and personal promotional item as these items are personally owned. Only use a durable and high-quality material to produce and brand the mug or bottle and you are guaranteed of many years of your company’s market presence.

5. Toys, Games, and Puzzles

These items are popular with families, kids, parents, and are a perfect breakroom or staff lounge activity. Brand frisbees, puzzle cubes, scrabble and chess boards, toys, and any other item that captures your fancy. The idea is to associate the joy and fun derived from playing these games and using these toys with your company.

6. Branded Booble Heads

Bobble heads are comical, fun and at times cute and cool. Brand or custom make some bobble heads and give them out to your clients, especially the ones who have massive customer traffic like doctors or managers; this is great for your business as well as it can sit on your office desk!

7. Branded Clothing

The idea when using clothing as a promotional item is to use highly visual clothing like branded caps, jackets, or T-shirts. Always make sure you use a high-quality material for the clothing item with A++ branding.

8. Function Tools and Items

Select tools and items that are multi-functional like car key holders, key chains, pen and marker combos, etc. The list is, in fact, endless. It is a proven fact that most people will not utilize single-use basic items and tools and will find them unnecessary. Provide a combo tool or item that meets several needs and that is branded with your company’s name and logo.

9. Branded Umbrellas

Umbrellas give you a visual, loud, powerful, and broad market presence. While earlier you needed to order digital branded umbrellas in the thousands, you can now order a couple hundred of high-quality digital branded umbrellas that will cut you above the rest of your competition.

10. Custom Made Pens

Pens as a promotional item will always remain in vogue. To breathe some new life into this promotional channel, custom make pens of the highest quality possible and use digital branded that adds on the high quality of the pen.