2018 Trends in Trends in Men’s Grooming

Mens Hair

Trends in Men’s Grooming, Ah, mens hairstyles, in recent years styles and being kept and groomed has become extremely important to portraying a good image and self-presentation in our society of ever increasing selling-yourself business skills.

Facial hair fashion is a much easier trend to spot; it comes in and out of fashion year to year and can be a striking contrast.

One of the most frequent ways mens grooming changes is by recycling and reinterpreting fashions of the past.

In fact, many of the most popular hairstyles today are just slightly different versions of yester-year’s most popular hair-dos. Our clearest indication of the hottest trends in men’s hair, as with most of fashion and pop-culture, is with celebrities. Comb It Back One of the most memorable features of the 1940s was men’s hair. It was trim. It was style. It was perfect.

Combing it back was the name of the game, and today is no different. Many of the most popular celebrities from movies to music go for a very similar haircut, with only slight variations.

Adam Levine is a great example of the 40s cut done with today’s quirks. It’s essentially a Ducktail Pompadour – a style that became very popular towards the end of the 40s and into the 50s, as long hair came into fashion. Levine’s modern interpretation is to shave down the sides, leaving most of the length on top.

This is a very popular style for men at the moment, as guys from all over say to their local barber “Give me Adam Levine’s hair”. George Clooney rocks a similar do. The only real difference is Clooney doesn’t shave the sides.

Slick It Back An even bolder option these days is to slick your hair back. It’s similar to the comb back, but with enough product to keep your hair down and firmly in place. This option gives a man’s head a much sleeker silhouette and will often make him stand out from a crowd. This has been Leonardo DiCaprio’s go-to style for a few years. This is more of a call back all the way to the 20s and 30s.

He keeps a clear left part and slicks it over and back, almost flat.

Stubble and Beards Variations on comb-backs and slick-backs are the main style of choice for most men today. This is true of both celebrities and the average guy. Overall, there’s less variation than there was in the 90s or even early 2000s, when gel came into fashion. We all suffered together for a few years while figuring out spikes and mohawks weren’t as cool as they seemed.

Facial hair has also seen a limit in choice. Over the past couple of years, facial hair had scaled down to two basic options. Those options are full stubble and full beard. Moustaches have fallen out of vogue, not counting the ironic handlebar moustaches of the hipster crowd. For the most part, what we see is full coverage facial hair. Along with their precisely trimmed, combed back hair, many celebrities can be seen donning a full beard.

George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Shia LeBeouf, and Christian Bale all regularly grow full beards. Many others, such as Chris Hemsworth, Nick Jonas, and Ryan Gosling purposefully keep their full stubble shaved closely to their face.